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Bloc Party

‘Banquet’ by Bloc Party. How it happened.

Wondering how Bloc Party created Banquet…. watch this.

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Introducing: OOFJ

This week we introduce LA-based duo OOFJ. Giving me the fish hook on first listen, I’ve been unable to get this track out of my head. Seductive female vocals, a rhythmic bass lines, atmospheric synth and beat drum repetition all knitted together lovely in just over four minutes. This hot to trot couple of Jenno Bjørnkjær and Katherine […]

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Pitchfork Paris

Festival review: Pitchfork Music Festival Paris

Sadly, the word pitchfork is no longer synonymous with the farm tool of old. Nowadays, depending on who you talk to, it’s either a finger on the pulse tool for discovering some new tunes, or the writings of a bunch of pretentious tools. Pitchfork have divided music-lovers’ opinions for years, but whether you love them […]

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1403_Nick Allbrook_Press2

New Video: Nicholas Allbrook ‘Did I Just Arrive Here?’

Perth’s Nicholas Allbrook has been making waves with his solo album the last couple of months, and his latest video clip for single Did I Just Arrive Here? is no exception! Complete with hoverboarding animals and futuristic backdrops, the clip is pretty much Nick – or at least Nick’s album Ganough, Wallis and Fatunah – in video form. Allbrook […]

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New Music: Klo ‘Under Lie’

Newcomers on the scene, Klo, have just released their third single, Under Lie. Cousins from Melbourne, Simon Lam and Chloe Kaul, have had an absolute crazy year; releasing their first two singles, debuting their live show, signing with Good Manners Music (Willow Beats, Bannoffee), and showcasing with BIGSOUND. All of this in just within eight months […]

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Ten Walls - "Chains And Shackles"

New Music: Ten Walls – “Chains and Shackles”

Ten Walls has dropped this spooky new banger just to top off your Halloween parties. Feeling like your caught in a side alley during the secret stage of DOOM 2, he’s throwing all sorts of darkness at this one. Grab it for free here.

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New Single: Belle & Sebastian ‘The Party Line’

Is anyone else’s inner teenager singing for joy at the return of Belle & Sebastian?! They are finally back in our ear drums (they never really left mine), and will soon be returning to our shores to top it all off. They’re bringing their latest album, Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance, with them and judging […]

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Best new tracks of the week

I get sent a lot of music every week. Luckily, a lot of it is really good. This week I’ve decided to put together a little list of the best tracks of the week in a nice, easy format for all you lovely people to read and enjoy. They cover a range of genres, and […]

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Introducing: Tonstartssbandht

This might sound like an outrageous comment, but it’s one that i’m going to stick to. Tonstartssbandht are possibly the most energetic live music performance I’ve seen in 2014. Now before you start jumping to conclusions, there are many factors that go into this comment and to be honest, it wasn’t that hard. The factors include, the venue, […]

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New Video: CHVRCHES ‘Under The Tide’

Did anyone predict the complete takeover of the world that CHVRCHES has secretly been doing this year? Being booked on just about every festival bill for the last 12 months, their album has skyrocketed to be one of the best electro-pop releases of the past few years. The Scottish darlings are back again, this time with […]

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